Combine Reminder Cards with your Phone Recall Service and Get More Bang for your Buck

Most practices use either a phone recall service or reminder card service to inform patients when they are due for an appointment. Phone recall services can be effective, but they are sometimes irritating for patients, time consuming for callers, and it can be hard to make contact. Some use reminder cards first, and then call only those who failed to respond. This approach may generate higher levels of bookings and patient loyalty for your practice.

 Let me explain…

 Imagine a dental practice where a regular receptionist has to call every single patient that is due for their next annual appointment. This is a very time consuming task which could take many hours every week of a receptionist’s valuable time when she could be serving patients. When a receptionist does get time to make all the phone recalls, she/he may not be able to make contact. More calls may be required to make contact.  

 So what should you do? Well, reminder cards are initially a more affordable and convenient way to remind patients. When they get a card, they can call at their convenience to book their appointment. This is less intrusive for patients, less time consuming for  receptionists, and less expensive to execute.

 Reminder cards give your patients freedom to call your practice at their convenience to set up their next appointment. Some patients however forget, and this  is when a phone call can serve as a second reminder. When a receptionist makes a phone call to a patient, she may get a better response, because the patient knows it is a second reminder. By combining recall cards with phone recalls, fewer time consuming phone recalls are required, and it shows your patients that you care about them and that you don’t want them to slip through the cracks. It’s a win-win situation really. Trust me. Try it out and I bet your receptionist will thank you!

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