How To Create Successful Reminder Cards

How To Create Successful Reminder Cards

 What information should I include on a new reminder card for my practice? What are some of the key points that I need to highlight? What makes an effective and attractive appointment reminder card? These are just a few of the questions that most people have when they are trying to make a good reminder card for their business. Simply follow these six useful tips below and creating new reminder cards for your business will be quick, easy and painless.

 ·        Include all of the basic information for your business.

Include your company name, its location, a contact information and hours of operation on your reminder card. This is information that your patients will need, and it should be easy to find and clearly legible on the reminder card.

 ·        Create a unified brand image for your reminder card.

Define a brand image for your business. What services do you offer to your patients? What colours help to convey your message? Present a reminder card  to serve your  patients' needs, and it will leave a positive impression. For tips on how to design a personalized patient recall card, please click here.

 ·        Language is very important.

What messages are you going to use on your reminder card. Use words that will appeal to your patients and that do not turn them away. Use welcoming and inviting words such as regular appointments or yearly consultation and promote their health.

 ·        Capture the reader's attention on your reminder card.

 A poignant tagline, happy image, great color, special offer, location  map, or a client testimonial are all great ways to make sure a reminder card get noticed. The appointment reminder notice itself should be the 1st thing that they read in the event that they read nothing else. Text size should always be large enough

for everyone to easily read.

 ·        Proof read your card and okay it before it is printed.

Make sure that all the information is accurate and up-to-date with no typos. This simple step will help you avoid any costly or embarrassing errors.

 ·        Print your reminder cards on high quality card stock.

Using good quality card stock for your reminder cards conveys to your patients that you offer a high quality service. Thicker card stock is excellent and a reminder card with premium high gloss UV coating on one side is even more effective. Your new reminder card will be glossy, professional looking, and keep your patients coming back year after year.

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