About Us for US sad


This may be the first time you’re hearing about us, but no, we are not new.
We’ve quietly been helping professionals like yourself since 1995. Back then our mission was simple. We wanted to produce th e best product for the best price, period. And that’s what we do!

Building personalized relationships with people starts with personalized products, and personalized products are the most efficient way to get your message read. Here’s the bottom line: our personalized card products cost less than you’ve been paying for generic cards and they will raise your profile and improve your response.

Your practice is unique, and we help you express that with a service that we think is pretty unique too. Unlike other companies that just provide printed materials, we started off as marketing experts. Helping you design, print and mail your material, and doing it for less than you can do it yourself.

Whether it’s keeping in touch with existing patients, or attracting new patients, we make it easy, with a full range of products and services that were designed specifically for you. Call us if you have any questions or suggestions.



Duane Paulsen Owner

Custom Recall