Moving Notice Postcards

Moving Notice Cards


If you move, be sure to take your patients with you by sending them a moving notice card.

We can design and print your customized moving notice card, and even address and mail your cards for less than it would cost if you addressed and mailed the cards yourself. If you want to address and mail the cards yourself, we can design and print them, and ship them to you.

You will save time and money...

and increase bookings.

United States Mailing Prices

Custom Recall's Rates per Card Designed, Printed, Addressed & Mailed with First Class Postage.

  • Design & Print Your Recall Card
  • Inventory, Address & Mail Your Recall Card
  • Our Total Fee/Card
  1. $0.08
  2. $0.47
  3. $0.55 *

Compare our rates above to the following estimates of what it costs when you to do it yourself, in-house:

  • Postage
  • Competitors' Standard Card Cost
  • Labor & Label
  • Your In-house Cost/Card
  1. $0.35
  2. $0.20
  3. $0.15
  4. $0.70
* Based on a minimum of 150 cards mailed.

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