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Reminder System

You can increase appointment bookings, reduce no-shows from forgotten appointments, and cut staffs' time spent recalling patients. Our comprehensive appointment reminder system will help you fill your schedule, reduce overhead, and increase revenue, while liberating staffs' time to improve the patient experience and impact growth..

When you send us a data file of patients due for an appointment reminder notice, we will send your patients customized, personalized, interactive appointment reminders by text, email or natural-voice landline messaging, followed by an optional addressed and mailed custom appointment reminder card. Yes, you will be able to choose how you want your reminders sent by any combination of text, email, telephone or recall card. All these reminder notices will look and sound like they came from your office.

Below, we show samples of how our customized appointment reminders look by text, email, phone and recall card. These reminders are the most innovative in the industry, with carefully engineered interactive features, including automated, convenient direct response options for patients. Our text and email reminders have been tested to look great on all computer, phone and tablet screens.


Patient Recall

Contacting patients that are due or overdue for appointments is time consuming. Let our customized, personalized, automated recalls and recall cards contact patients for you. Your patients can reply via various options in our automated recalls, or as instructed on a recall card notice. Our reminders will work to fill your schedule and increase your revenue.


Reach 100% of Your Patients

We reach 100% of your patients right off the bat! Even if you don't have all of your patient's cell phone numbers or emails, we can still reach them by our phone messaging, and addressed and mailed customized reminder cards. You are completely covered!.


How Patients Want Appointment Reminders

Through our system, you can offer patients their choice of convenient, non-invasive reminders, tailored to their needs. These customized, personalized, comprehensive reminders will improve patients' response rates, satisfaction and loyalty.


Convenient Reminders

Patients will love our customized reminders, because they do not want to forget to schedule or attend an appointment. Our convenient, automated reminders and recall cards will generate more appointments, reduce the number of no shows and increase loyalty from appreciative patients!

Personalized Reminder Message Format

Each reminder is personalized with a patient's name, and customized to look like it came from your staff. Patients can respond to you directly through various options on the reminders. Custom content and design makes these reminders more personal and effective, resulting in better relationships with more satisfied patients. Not only will patients remember their appointments, they will appreciate that you remembered them!


Text Messaging

Our personalized text messages customizable, so they look like they are coming directly from your staff. Not only will your patients remember their appointment, they will feel like you remembered them! We can personalize each text with whatever information you'd like on each message. Text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred method of contact for many people.



Great looking HTML emails that get delivered! With personalized subjects and fully customized options within the email, our emails get delivered and get read. All of our email designs are tested for compatibility on over 40 different devices, so they look great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. With one click we can direct your patients to your booking calendar, website or open their email client to send you an email. We can even help you manage all "unsubscribe" requests.


Natural Voice Phone Messaging

We offer one of the most natural sounding automated phone messaging systems available. If your patients prefer a phone call over a text or email, our custom, natural voice engine will deliver an appointment reminder that sounds and feels like a call from one of your staff. With optional messages for live pick up and answering machines, we can even provide your patients with "Live Transfer" that allows them to instantly connect to your office.


Personalized Reminder Cards

We've been delivering results with reminder cards for over 19 years. We personalize your reminder card on the front and the back, and FREE professional design is always included. You can even send us a photo of your building, the people in your practice or something local in your community. We can add maps, logos and even supplier logos to take advantage of co-op advertising dollars that may be available for your practice. Our clients all say the same thing. Our reminder cards make their phones ring.

A program designed for you and your practice!

Each practice is unique and we will help you design and implement a program that works best for your needs. Choose the messaging that works for you and you can choose any combination (or all) of our messaging options. We help you create a program that will get results.


How it Works

  • We will design your customized, personalized, automated appointment reminder notices by text, email and natural-voice landline messaging, and optional customized appointment recall card.
  • Spend only minutes per month to send us a data file of your patients due for an appointment reminder notice.
  • We will send a custom designed, fully personalized appointment reminder notice to each of your patients by email, text, phone and recall card, if applicable.
  • Rest assured that your recall notices will get to 100% of your patients. If a patient has no email address, he/she can get a reminder notice by phone, text and mail. If he/she has no email address or cell phone #, a reminder notice can be sent by phone and recall card.
  • You can send us your data 24/7. We process and send out the appointment reminders notices every Monday/Tuesday.

Order FREE personalized samples of our text, email and phone messaging reminders now!

See what our reminder notices look like when personalized with your practice information. They look great, and it's easy and FREE! Select our "Sample Reminders Button", enter your information we will send you a personalized text, email and phone reminder notice.

sample reminders
  • silver

    UP TO 500


  • $99/month

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  • Add $0.47 per card mailed*
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  • gold

    UP TO 750


  • $149/month

  • (optional)
  • Add $0.47 per card mailed*
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  • platinum

    1000 or more


  • $199/month

  • (optional)
  • Add $0.47 per card mailed*
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**The monthly rate is for automated appointment reminder notices, and does not include the recall card printing cost, and cost to address and mail the recall cards - this separate (Design and printing card cost is $199 for 2,500 of 4"x6" recall cards, and $0.47 cents per card addressed and mailed. If  you want us only to design, print, address & mail appointment reminder cards to your patients, we can do that too. You will save money and time, and get better looking reminder cards to your patients.
Just want us to mail reminders to your patients, we can do that too. We will save your money and time and get better looking reminder cards to your patients.

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