Card Design

It’s really simple. You give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we will design a draft proof and send it to you. At this time you can make the changes you would like and get them back to us. We will send you another proof with the changes and we never print personalized cards until we’ve received approval on the design. We have made this a very easy process and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get great looking personalized cards made up for your practice.

Absolutely and the feedback we’ve received over the years is that patients love receiving cards that show the people in your practice, your building, a local landmark or something scenic in your community. We’ll add your practice name and phone number, a complimentary border if it might help and we’ll give you a great looking personalized card.

Yes, we have many clients who get co-op advertising dollars from suppliers that will pay part or all of their card costs by including their logo on the card. If you have a company logo, we can add that to the front and the back of the card if you like.

Yes, we can modify any of our designs to work with your design idea.

Yes, if you have a digital file, we can use it. If you don’t, we can probably re create it from scratch. If you’re using something that is trademarked from another company we can’t use that, but we can probable create something similar that won’t infringe on their design that will work.

Whatever the occasion, we can create the perfect card for you and your practice.

Generally you would receive them in about a week after you’ve approved the design.

We have a flat rate of $20.00 for most orders.

Complete Recall Mailing Service

We design, print, inventory, address and mail your appointment recall cards for you. You will save on shipping cost because we inventory and manage your cards for you. You will find that we can address and mail your cards for you for less than it cost you when you do it yourself.

You need only spend a few minutes to send us your data file of records/addresses that you want mailed. We process, address and mail reminder cards at the beginning of very week. Our secure web based transfer system allows you send us your data safely 24/7. Some of our clients send us data monthly, some every 5 or 6 weeks, and some prefer to send their reminders every two weeks. Our minimum fee per mailing is for 150 records, meaning that you will be charged for 150 records/addresses mailed, so be sure to have 150 or more records to mail each time. Our affordable service saves you time to serve more patients.

Absolutely. The first step to get going with our Complete Recall Mailing Service is to design the perfect reminder for your practice. You can send us an image you want to use, multiple images or you can send us an idea you have and our professional designers will put together a first draft of your idea and send you a proof. Once you have received the proof, you indicate your changes, we make them and then we send you a revised proof. We will not print your cards until you’ve approved the design, front and back. Our personalized cards are designed 100% for you. We welcome your ideas and we will get you a great looking card for your practice.

Yes, we can design a great looking 4×6 birthday card for your practice, and address them from your mailing list(s), and mail them to your patients.  Our mailing service is appropriate for 150 or more cards mailed at a time. Otherwise, it would be more economical if we designed and printed the cards, and shipped them to you so that you can mail them out as you would like.

Yes, just let us know how you would like your new card to look. We’ll re-design it for you (design is free), and when you require new cards printed, we will automatically print your new redesigned card.

When we print up cards for our mailing service, we print 2500 cards at a time. If for whatever reason you need to replace  your cards at any time, we can recycle any cards we have stored for inventory and start using your replacement cards as soon as they are printed up.

Your existing software will typically have a function built into it that allows you to send us your mailing data so that we can address and mail your recall cards for you. We’ve been doing this since 1995 and have not come across any practice management software that wasn’t able to export data in a format we can use.

Absolutely not. You may stop the service at anytime. There are no additional charges if you stop the service at anytime.

We provide you with a user name and password to upload your data through our secure website. You can upload one or many files at a time. It’s quick and it’s easy.

It’s really quick and simple, and after you’ve done it a few times, most of our practices can prepare their data and send it to us in a few minutes.

We print your first order of 2,500 cards, and after a few mailings, our system will generate an order point specifically for your practice. We will know your average mailing volume, and set and order point near 1.5 times your average mailing. Once your inventory drops below your order point, we will automatically reprint an order of cards, and invoice you for same. If you would like your card changed, we will redesign the card, and print it when your next order point is reached. If you would like to stop the service, simple advise us by email.


Our all in costs are less than what you’re paying for a stamp to mail a postcard. When you add up the cost of the postcard and the mailing service fee (which includes postage) you’re going to pay less than  you’re paying to do it yourself.

Our service is setup to mail reminders as we get data. Once you send us your data, it will be processed and mailed in about a week. You can send us your data weekly, bi weekly, monthly or several times a year. Our minimum mailing fee is based on 150 cards per mailing, so as long as you have 150 records to be mailed, we will mail them as the data comes into us.

You only pay for cards that we mail out. We use a Canada Post approved sort and validate software that will correct a lot of addresses and format them to their specifications for quick and reliable delivery. If an address can not be confirmed as deliverable, our software will reject this record and it will not be mailed out. We send you a list of all your “Rejected Records” after each mailing so you can try and correct the addresses and know that these people have not been sent a reminder card. There is no charge for this service and it’s part of the Complete Recall Service.

Direct Marketing

Yes, we can help you build your practice with addressed admail and unaddressed admail. Addressed admail is a service that allows you to communicate with your existing patients, or a mailing list of people you think might be good prospects for your practice. We all get postcards in our mail box promoting local businesses and services. We do that! We can help you create a targeted campaign for whatever your goals might be. Each practice is unique so give us a call and we can go over your goals and suggest a program that would best suit your needs. We’ve been doing this 1995 and have had many successful campaigns for our clients coast to coast.

Moving Notices

Yes, we can help you take your patients with you. We’ve created a lot of successful moving notices that have helped our clients move with less stress. Give us a call and we can discuss some options that might work best for your practice.

Mailing to our patients.

Yes, we can design the perfect card with the perfect message and get it to all of your patients for one low price.

Other Products

Yes, we can manage most types of mailing projects.

We can print most anything. Business cards, magnets, posters, brochures, booklets, stickers, you name it. Give us a chance to quote on your next printing project and we’ll give you a great product at a great price.

Yes, we can design anything we print.